Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programmes


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Access Path Productions has conducted a series of participatory arts workshops to bring Voluntary Work Organisations (VWOs) and corporate stakeholders together meaningfully.

Our volunteers undergo Disability Awareness and Equality training with us and within the context of a bespoke participatory arts workshop, they become equal participants, working side by side with our beneficiaries.

As part of our ongoing Cultural Immersion program with Christian Outreach to the Handicapped (COH), we also organise monthly outings to cultural venues such as The National Museum of Singapore, The National Gallery and Singapore Repertory Theatre.

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Lead artist-facilitator Grace with the full group at our first outing of the year – Wild Rumpus at The Artsground, Goodman Arts Centre. (Photo by Access Path Productions)

Quotes from our volunteers from Credit Suisse:

“It was indeed an amazing experience for me to be able to interact with our friends with disabilities. The program was great, well organized, and interactive. I liked the briefing session, it helped us to understand and also quickly equipped us to manage the situation. Feel free to let us know if we could help in anything!”

“The activity was well-organized and clearly a lot of planning and preparation had gone into arranging this for our team. Grace is a superb educator/trainer and her experience is evident in how she took us through an hour-long workshop to better understand disability awareness. She probed us to think outside the box, to view situations from a disabled person’s perspective, rather than TOLD us how we should behave around our friends with disabilities. We had sufficient time interacting with our friends at COH and it was heartwarming how welcoming and friendly they were when we arrived. Based on this activity alone, we’re looking forward to working with Access Path Productions again on a similar volunteering activity!”

Marissa Ow.png
Credit Suisse volunteer Marissa Ow co-creating a friendship puppet with COH client JK. (Photo by Access Path Productions)

“It was so nice to have been able to host COH at our space, and see how they interacted with our exhibition with such ease and child-like playfulness. We were especially touched by how Raymond was motivated by the experience that his friends were having that he got off his wheelchair voluntarily and started to make his way around the exhibits as well. There was no stopping him after that, and he was dancing with facilitator Grace by the end of the session.”

Luanne Poh, Director of The Artground

Quotes by our venue partners:

“Access Path Productions arranged a visit to KC Arts Centre, Home of SRT for a group of adults from the COH. Grace & Natalie were a joy to work with, super organised and most importantly they clearly planned the trip with the adults needs and experience at the heart. They visited the venue for a pre-show reccie, coordinated with SRT staff efficiently and ensured the group were appropriately supported throughout the show. The group thoroughly enjoyed the performance and we look forward to welcoming them again soon.”

Paul Adams, Learning & Engagement Manager, SRT.

Project Outline

1 year Participatory Arts/Drama Workshop conceptualised and led by Access Path Productions trainers.

1 hr 45 mins hands-on Drama Workshop with clients from the Christian Outreach of the Handicapped (COH) centre in Tampines and Toa Payoh.

Monthly Cultural Immersion Program where clients visit 9 cultural venues and institutions (theatres, galleries, museums etc)

Volunteering Program where corporate partners are paired with clients in a drama workshop or cultural visit context. Volunteers will undergo disability equality and awareness training with Access Path Productions.

Throughout the process, participants will be exposed to visual, aural and tactual stimulus all within a safe space with the guidance and support from APP trainers and the staff of COH.

All smiles with our lead artist-facilitator Grace and lovely puppetry workshop participants at COH. ( Photo by Access Path Productions)


  • To discover and harness the existing creativity of each participant through highly interactive drama games and performance-making techniques
  • To forge meaningful affective connections between mainstream and disabled contexts.

Goals and Desired Outcome

At the end of the 1 year program, for COH clients with creative potential, skill transference over a 1 year period will include and result in:

  • Basic vocal training
  • Enhanced body and spatial awareness through music and movement
  • Greater confidence in self-expression and embodying the supportive spirit of community building
  • Clients will be constantly encouraged to share personal resources (ideas, opinions, desires and dreams etc) and demonstrate good values of kindness, concern and patience with one another)


This program offers clients a platform to explore their identities, to tell their stories, and connect with peers through high quality multi-sensory projects. The program’s multi-sensory music and movement component is specially researched and tailored for adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities, bringing the joy of music and movement to clients on an evocative and therapeutic level.