Associate Artists


A male headshot against a dark backgroundAMMAR “AMEEZY” (MUHAMMAD AMMAR NASRULHAQ)
Dancer / Choreographer / Film Maker 

A visual creator both on the dance floor and through the lens, Ammar “Ameezy” spends most of his time creating magic. Driven by adrenaline, Ammar loves pushing and transcending boundaries and believes in experiences more than certificates.

Growing up in both Deaf and Hearing worlds, he has witnessed and identified many differences and similarities. Being part of the Redeafination dance crew since 2011, the experience has taken his passion for dance to greater heights. As an artist, Ammar’s focus is to integrate the relationship between the Deaf and hearing to spread a message that both worlds can work together.

Currently, Ammar is a resident choreographer and instructor in the Redeafinition crew. His recent performance credits include Hello, How Do You Move? by The Theatre Practice in 2019 and Light to Night 2020’s Self Portrait by Access Path Productions.

Under Access Path’s education and outreach platform, Ammar currently leads the Movement Creation segment of the Affective Performance-Making program with Deaf students from Beatty Secondary School.

A male headshot against a dark backgroundCAVAN CHANG

Artist / Performer / Workshop Facilitator 

Cavan Chang is an accomplished artist who has exhibited extensively and performed in groundbreaking works in Singapore. He holds a Certificate in Visual Arts conferred by the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in collaboration with Very Special Arts, Singapore, and Associate Diploma Competency in Performing Arts from King’s International University of Science & Technology, USA.

Cavan is a prolific painter who uses a signature method of ‘drumming’ vivid colours onto canvas using handmade cotton-wrapped sponge-tipped wooden sticks. He has conducted several visual art workshops to clients comprising tenants of 77 Robinson, staff of IBM Singapore and members of NTU Alumni Club.

In 2019, Cavan participated in Singapore’s first disabled-led neurodivergent arts residency supported by the National Library Board library@orchard, and appeared in an episode “Lian”, an HBO Asia’s 6-part drama titled “Invisible Stories” about HDB living in Singapore. Cavan was performer and visual artist for “Something About Home”, Singapore’s first professional promenade theatre featuring a cast of artists with disability, commissioned by the National Gallery for the Light to Night Festival in January 2020. He is currently working on a writing project mentored by Dr. Dawn-Joy Leong, about perspectives as a neurodivergent arts practitioner in Singapore.

Under Access Path’s education and outreach platform, Cavan supports the Participatory Drama program with 2 Christian Outreach to the Handicapped centres, creating and conducting weekly workshops with Disabled adults. He also supports the Affective Performance Making x TGIF program at Guangyang Secondary School.

A female headshot against a dark background

Applied Drama Practitioner / Performer / Wolf Trap Teaching Artist 

Reginal Allyn graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Applied Drama & Psychology in 2014 and sees drama as a tool for individuals to build relationships, grow in confidence, creativity and communication.

She actively incorporates and applies psychology, applied drama and arts integration strategies into her workshops, which results in the creation of developmentally appropriate workshops for participants of every age.

She also believes that it is important to constantly grow in one’s skills by going back to being a student in order to develop and improve as a teacher and has since obtained a Specialist Diploma in Arts Education from NAC-NIE in 2017, a Certificate in Teaching Arts in the Early Childhood Environment from SEED Institute in 2018 and a BA in Psychology and Human Resource Management from Murdoch University in 2019.

Reginal’s niche for arts integration workshops lies in creating and conducting sessions for children in the early childhood sector as well as parent-child workshops. She was also part of Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Residency Programme as the Resident Learning & Engagement Officer from 2018-2019.

Under Access Path’s education and outreach platform, Reginal supports the Participatory Drama program with 2 SUN-DAC centres, creating and conducting weekly workshops with Disabled adults. Reginal also played a major role in access and production support for the process and staging of Light to Night 2020’s Self Portrait by Access Path Productions.

A male headshot against a dark backgroundREGINA FOO
Theatre Practitioner / Educator / Puppeteer

Regina enjoys the process of theatre making as a prism to experience the facets of life, to open minds and to indulge in the colourful spectrum of human emotions both light and dark.

In 2014, Regina had her inaugural solo puppetry performance of The Wind Came Home (Both Sides Now 2014 – An Immersive Arts Experience about Death). Regina experienced the power of theatre to be in intimate moments with people, to hold space as we journey through tough emotions to find our way back to the self, renewed. That compelled her to deepen her performance craft with a three year acting programme at Intercultural Theatre Institute (Singapore).

Since her graduation in 2017, she has been focused on developing her practice to be shared with young children and adults with disabilities. She is also currently exploring projected play through puppetry.

Under Access Path’s education and outreach platform, Regina leads the Participatory Drama program with 2 Christian Outreach to the Handicapped centres, creating and conducting weekly workshops with Disabled adults. She served as puppetry consultant for Access Path’s 三字,经 3 Words, Repeat and co-created A Quiet Morning with Jalyn Han and Grace Lee-Khoo for intergenerational site-specific theatre commission by the National Museum of Singapore.

A male headshot against a dark background

Theatre Practitioner / Educator / Writer 

Ka Wai holds a Master of Fine Arts (Playwriting) from Taipei National University of the Arts and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Chinese Studies) from National University of Singapore.

His recent theatre projects include What If (M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival 2020), Self Portrait: A Performative Tour (Light to Night Festival 2020), 《出嫁前夕》Eve of the Wedding Day (春花齐放2020 Rhapsodies of Spring 2020), The ‘d’ Monologues: A Lecture-Performance by Kaite O’Reilly (Singapore Writers Festival 2019), A Grinder’s Diary (a work-in-progress by Access Path Productions and Pitapat Theatre) and Because it’s Fun (The Fool Theatre).

He also teaches Chinese at Sprout Language Centre and is the drama instructor for Nanyang Junior College, Chinese Cultural Society.

Under Access Path’s education and outreach platform, Ka Wai conducts Disability Awareness Through the Arts (DATA) training and playwriting workshops with Disabled and non-disabled youths and adults. With Grace Lee-Khoo and Ng Mun Poh, he co-created and wrote Set Sail! – an intergenerational site-specific theatre commission by the National Museum of Singapore.


Performer / Sound Designer / Music Producer 

Wheelsmith is an award winning Music Producer, Rapper and wheelchair rugby player for Team Singapore. He is particularly drawn to rapping as “music allows me to be fearless and brazen”.

He performed with local celebrities for the President’s Star Charity in 2016 and made his debut as a sound engineer, composing soundscape and performing for the theatre production And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore/UK ‘d’ Monologues. An international Unlimited Commission, the work travelled to Singapore and different parts of the UK. Wheelsmith was completely immersed in the lengthy process between September 2017 to September 2018 and his artistry travelled to London, Leicester, Oxford and Cardiff, Wales.

Having worked with world-famous director Phillip Zarrilli intensively, Wheelsmith has been described as a unique performer with his powerful stage presence and instinctive lyricism in his delivery of lines. Since then he has gone on to serve as Sound Designer for Not in my Lifetime? by The Finger Players. He was also a performer and musician at the 2019 National Day Parade. In 2019, he released his debut single Vanilla on various high profile platforms such as Spotify and Apple.

Wheelsmith collaborated with Access Path for the Light to Night Festival 2020, starring in the National Gallery commission Self Portrait, a performative tour crafted as a visitors’ response to the photography of Cultural Medallion winner Chua Soo Bin.

Under Access Path Productions’ education and outreach platform, Wheelsmith conducts inclusive sound design and music-making (rap, hip hop and beat-boxing) workshops with youths and adults of all abilities.