Our Vision

Every individual is complex and unique, his/her personal experiences valuable at Access Path.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of every Singaporean’s cultural life through empathy, agency and community building processes.


We tailor and produce theatrical and cultural experiences where precious narratives and talents of the marginalised are respectfully unearthed, refined and represented.

These include:

  • Professional theatre productions
  • Participatory Drama workshops
  • Disability Awareness Through the Arts (DATA) training


Working WITH Deaf and disabled communities, we strive to balance ethical representation with high quality artistic presentation.

We conceptualise, coordinate and facilitate community-based care and support via the arts.

This is achieved by:

  • Breaking down physical and attitudinal barriers towards the Deaf and Disabled with our disability-led productions and outreach programs
  • Transforming traditional top-down processes of art making into engaging participant-centred processes
  • Presenting truthful, radical theatrical experiences for and with local audiences.