Social Services Agencies Programs

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Program Outline

  • Year-long and weekly Participatory Drama Workshop conceptualised and led by Access Path artist-facilitators

  • 90 minutes of hands-on Drama Workshop with participants from Social Service Agencies (current partners include Christian Outreach of the Handicapped (COH) and SUN-DAC)

  • Monthly Cultural Immersion Program (CIP) where clients visit up to 9 cultural venues and institutions (current partners include Singapore Repertory Theatre, The Theatre Practice, National Museum of Singapore, Asian Civilisation Museum, Art Science Museum, Artground, National Gallery Singapore etc)

  • Befriending Program – corporate partners are paired with clients in a drama workshop or cultural visit context. Volunteers will undergo Disability Awareness Through the Arts (DATA) training with Access Path Productions.

Throughout the process, participants will be exposed to visual, aural and tactual stimulus all within a safe space with the guidance and support from APP artist-facilitators.

Lecture Performance BTS 3



  • To discover and harness the existing creativity of each participant through highly interactive drama games and performance-making techniques

  • To forge meaningful, affective connections between mainstream and disabled contexts.

Goals and Desired Outcome

At the end of the first year, participants with creative potential will benefit from the skill transference of:

  • Basic vocal training

  • Enhanced body and spatial awareness through music and movement

  • Greater confidence in self-expression

  • Embodied the supportive spirit of community building

Clients will be constantly encouraged to share personal resources (ideas, opinions, desires and dreams etc) and demonstrate good values of kindness, concern and patience with one another.

Two people facing each other, one of them has their hand in front of the other person's face


This program offers participants a platform to EXPLORE their identities, TELL their stories and CONNECT with peers through high quality multi-sensory projects.

The program’s multi-sensory music and movement component is specially researched and tailored for children/adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities, bringing the joy of music and movement to SSA clients via an evocative and therapeutic approach.