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In 2019 we piloted an Affective Performance-making program with the Secondary 1 students of Guangyang Secondary School. Access Path’s team of artist-facilitators encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and explore issues of identity and social injustice that are close to home or beyond. They will be equipped with the skills to reflect, articulate and present their world views with affection and confidence.

The 10-week sessions are also enriched by Guest Trainers such as Lily Goh (Deaf founder of social enterprise ExtraOrdinary Horizons), Danial Bawthan (rapper, beat boxer and independent music producer) and Cavan Chang, who are established artists with disabilities.

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Quote by Joyce, Guangyang Secondary School:

“In a class of 40, no matter what some research says, you can’t possibly give your attention and interact with every student, except I am blessed to have suggested this drama programme, made exploring self and identity a key theme of the programme and having the chance to learn with the students, and learning to be less self-conscious, and also to have others helping me to facilitate this in the classroom. In a way, this non-traditional ‘classroom’ frees me to be more myself , not just the teacher, taking on different identities and re-defining the boundaries between them and me, and letting the students see me beyond my more traditional classroom role, and yet, I am still that facilitator of learning, while being a learner myself.

I have observed them as being so much more adept as learners than I am, their muscle memory more developed than I am, and that was something I observed during last week’s sign language class. More than once I was asking students the sign for alphabets. This is the kind of classroom I really wish could be a norm for the students.”

Programme Outline

A drama workshop programme, curated and designed by Access Path Productions, to introduce Secondary English classes to basic performance making skills through story-telling. The duration of the program will be within 10 weeks of 90 minute drama workshop for 35 – 40 students.


To discover and harness the existing creativity of each individual through highly interactive drama games and performance-making techniques

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Using mask work to explore identity, personal narratives and to free the body. (Photo by Access Path Productions)

Goals and Desired Outcome

  • At the end of the Semester 1 program, students will be equipped with theatre fundamentals, providing them with opportunities to identify, explore and present issues.

  • 1 hr performance that is student led and supported by our trainers. Students will devise a theatre piece to tell personal stories and explore relevant community issues.


  • Foster meaningful interaction, empathy, confidence and supportive attitudes amongst students

  • Broaden students’ perspective of immediate social issues and students will be able to voice their opinions and propose solutions in a safe and experimental space thus making every voice in the room matter.

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Lead Trainer Grace Lee Khoo and Assistant trainer Cavan Chang facilitating closed group discussion. (Photo by Access Path Productions)

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