Grinder’s Diary – Work in Progress (2019)

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A man believes that the people around him are planning to eat him. His diary ends with a powerful phrase, a strong message for the world — Save the children!

A contemplation of a classic.

An exploration of what is “eating” us… little by little.

Grinder’s Diary is a collaboration between Access Path and Malaysian theatre company Pitapat Theatre.

Co-devised by director/performer Seng Soo Meng, director/performer Grace Lee Khoo and playwright/performer Tung Ka Wai, the work in progress is a response to the Chinese short story A Madman’s Diary by Lu Xun. The performance is also created to respond to found spaces. A found space refers to a building that has been altered from its original purpose to support ongoing theatre production.

The first phase of Grinder’s Diary first premiered in June 2019 at the found space of Hotel Sun Lun Yik in Seremban, Malaysia as part of the Theatre In… Series.

The second phase premiered in October 2019 at the found space of the Intercultural Theatre Institute in Singapore to an invited audience.

The creative team of Lee-Khoo, Seng and Tung are currently working on the third phase which will see the work travel to a third found space in 2021.